Zones Multiple Buildings or Different Areas of Risk

Large companies have different buildings on their premises, as a result of which employees from different teams are often spread across various buildings. This creates a problem for the business management to know which employee is in which building at a particular time, especially during emergencies. Having said that, if the business has only one building, having different areas within the building is also important because of the risk each of the areas might present.

For organisations it therefore becomes important to define zones for separate buildings or for areas that significantly present a risk for employees. This article will discuss a tool for an organization to define zones.

DigiGreet Visitor Management System

The visitor management system from DigiGreet comes with a Zones feature that allows the organization to define different buildings or create separate areas within the same building from the safety point of view. When the emergency takes place, knowing who is where becomes extremely crucial. The Zones feature offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system allows the person in charge of the evacuation to know who is stuck where even if they moved in between buildings several times before the emergency arises.

How Does the Zones Feature Work?

The Zones feature offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system works in the way that whenever an employee initially signs in, the system signs them in the zone that they have entered from. From that point on, whenever the employee moves from one building to another, the feature automatically signs them out from the previous zone and assigns the new zone. Thus, ensuring the employee is signed in just one zone at any point in time.

The feature makes sure that the employee does not have to worry about the zones when they keep on moving from one building to another. The admin on the other hand knows exactly in which zone the employees are currently in through the help of the self-refreshing user pages. Such a feature becomes all the more important in times of emergency. Using the feature, staff can see the list of employees in a given zone and then can prepare the plan to evacuate.

Final Thoughts

The all-in-one visitor management system offered by DigiGreet provides businesses and schools with a feature-rich solution. From great visitor experience to creating a safer workplace for employees, the system is designed to help businesses and visitors in all possible situations and emergencies. If you are also looking for a feature such as the Zones feature offered by DigiGreet, get in touch with us today to know more about the DigiGreet system.

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