Can a Visitor Management System for Schools Help You Get Smarter?

For anxious parents, the safety of their kids at school is the only thing that matters. While schools cannot do anything about parents getting anxious, what they can do is try to offer them a good impression of the school. To offer this first good impression and to ensure that parents know that their kids are safe at the school, a visitor management system is a great addition to the school.

In this article, we will discuss how a visitor management system for schools can help you get smarter.

Visitor Management System for Schools

With paper-based sign-in systems, keeping eye on every visitor coming to the school premises is impossible. The following are the ways a visitor management system can help schools.

1. Screen visitors

Screening visitors is crucial for any school. To effectively screen visitors coming inside the school, management can use a visitor management system. With the DigiGreet visitor management system, schools can identify the ID of visitors before letting them in. Additionally, it also blocks all contractors coming to the school, if their contract has already expired. Thus, improving the overall safety of the premises.

2. Visitor Badges

Several people come in and go out of the school premises every day, guest speakers, contractors, parents, and many more. Thus, it becomes difficult for the school management to know who is supposed to be present inside the premises, and who should not. With the help of the DigiGreet visitor management system, the school can print badges and give them to the people who are supposed to visit the premises. This will help in keeping unauthorised people at bay.

3. Emergency Planning

For any school management, planning for emergencies is important. This is another use case where the DigiGreet visitor management system is absolutely crucial. With the help of the tools and features that it has to offer, the DigiGreet visitor management system can help school management in proper emergency planning, thereby ensuring immediate response when the unwanted take place.

4. Track Attendance

Apart from all of the above mentioned, the visitor management system offered by DigiGreet also helps the management and staff members keep track of attendance. This feature is also important from a safety point of view.

Final Thoughts

Student safety is of paramount importance for any school management. The DigiGreet visitor management system is one of the most efficient tools to monitor the “people” aspect of the school in terms of safety and is also available for the most competitive prices. To know more about the system get in touch with DigiGreet today.

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