Exeat Management Software

Is your current boarding school management solution causing headaches?
Looking for an efficient way to reduce time involved in managing your Exeat procedures and student leave requests?

Route-r Exeat makes management of exeats simple and stress free for your school and parents! From parents and pupil’s requests, to admin approval and status notifications. We streamline the entire process reducing management time, improving communication and access for all involved.


Our system is available online 24/7 during term time for Parents/Pupils to submit applications.


Create multiple exeat dates for different year groups  along with special permissions form.

Designed for you

We know every school works differently so we integrate Route-R Exeat to your specifications, ensuring its a best fit for your needs .


Send out reminder to those pupils who have yet to fill in the Exeat requests ahead of the deadline

Time Saving

Save time by efficiently managing all requests via a single system and automatically notifying parents.


The system can seamlessly integrate with your Management Information System be it SIMS, iSAM or PASS.

How does it work?

We have 18+ years of experience  in working closely with schools across our full range of products. Over 40 schools are currently benefiting from our systems – the exeat management software is an extension of our Route-r (bus management system). It has been built from scratch to help schools manage their boarders (and otherwise) school leavers more effectively, reducing admin time and making the entire process seamless.  Detailed reporting, instant updates to parents and much more,  we have automated several aspects of the system to make school holidays run efficiently.

Need to remind people who are yet to fill in there Exeat request? No problem our automated reminders will do this so you can sit back and relax

Need to add a new Exeat times? No problem our simple to use administration panel will allow you to do this.

Need to know who you need to book Taxis for, we have extensive reporting tool which can allow you to see this and much much more.

Quick and easy view to see who will be departing and returning when.

So, we have coded the system from scratch so we are able to make the system meet your boarding school Exeat needs, why not let us know what you are thinking, we can even arrange a free online demo which usually takes 20 to 30 minutes over the phone so you are able to see how the system works.

Use your existing school management system?

Seamless integration with your current school system. 

With our boarding school exeat management software we are able to integrate with your current school management information systems, so there are no issues with importing current data over to us to use with Route-r Exeat.