School Bus Booking and Management System

Does your school offer a school bus?
Would you like to reduce the time it takes to manage your school buses?

Route-r our School Bus Booking System can provide a comprehensive transportation management system to reduce management time and improve access for parents and pupils.


Booking system online available 24/7 during term time for parents to amend their child’s transportation programme.


Allows parents last minute changes or to book them a one off journey or if their child is ill to let the bus know so they are not waiting.

Designed for you

We understand every school works differently we can adjust Route-R for your unique school needs and we even have a referral program.


If a bus is delayed or cancelled ability to send alerts by text or email to all parents on that particular route. Of course if parents want to see where the bus is, no problem, with Route-R Bus tracking using GPS Satellite technology they can see the exact location at any time.

Time Saving

From who’s on the bus, in-depth reports, lost property to profits can all be monitored from one system.


Route-r is capable of linking to your current school database i.e. iSams. We can also allow children to scan in and off the bus with fobs. Route-R is something we have coded from scratch we have the ability to adapt.

How does it work?

We have built the system from scratch, we look at what you need and use our experience to really help you automate as many tasks as possible to make your school bus run efficiently and effectively.

Need a map? Route-r has an easy to use map-driven interface for parents and pupils to add their booking – with the ability to login to their account to view or amend bookings at any time.

How do you keep track of who is on the bus? Route-r can allow an easy tap on and off the bus, a bit like the underground, or a simple checklist.

Need to know which routes are more popular than others, we have extensive reporting tool which can allow you to see this and adjusts routes accordingly.

Bus running late, phones ringing by worried parents? You can quickly and easily send an alert by email or SMS to all parents on the route in a few simple steps.

Need to manage school fixtures and trips using school mini-buses? We can do it!

So, we are adaptable to your needs, so if have some specific requirements why not get in touch and we are sure we can help, we can even arrange a free online demo which usually takes 20 to 30 minutes over the phone so you are able to see how the system works and ask any questions you may have.

Bus Service in style


We can add all your tasks into one simple administration system such as placing of bus stops, creation of bus routes, and the allocating of routes to service providers and vehicles. This allows you to see at a glimpse how full the buses are getting, and lets you react by changing bus sizes, etc. allowing you to plan ahead by making stop and route changes for future terms.

By planning ahead and managing the capacity of the school buses the system will help you to optimise school bus routes allowing you to realise cost savings for your school in addition to time savings.

Everything you need


Need Cost Management? No problem, what do you need? Running costs and bus income? Customer billing? Discount Management?

Renewals. Bookings can be set to auto-renew based on your renewal rules.

Registers. Do you know who’s on the bus? Key fob, scanned bus pass, photo bus pass, online register… We love anything which helps you improve safety and invoicing..

Do your students change their schedule? I’m guessing they have clubs, exchanges, parental separation, sports matches….

Looking ahead


Oyster card way of travel, being able to top up and ride if there is space

Scan in and off the bus with your finger print (Biometrics)

Seamless integration with your current school system. 

With our school bus and management system we have the capabilities to integrate with your current school management systems, so there are no issues with importing current data over to us to use with Route-r. Even if its your own unique system and not a big system e.g. iSams we are confident we will be able to integrate with Route-r, as we have a highly skilled set of developers who recently did this for Dumpton school.