Permit Contractor Management Software

Digital Visitor Management System

Tired of manually keeping track of everyone working on your site?

How do you ensure contractors have valid permits and up to date documents?

Do you want a smart permit contractor management software?

Make everyday life a little simpler with our Permit Contractor Management Software which is fully branded to your business giving you the WOW factor for visitors and contractors who come on site. The system is simple to use allowing you to maintain high levels of compliance and safety.

Document Management

Create document check lists and keep track of all documents against individual contractor records with information on expiry dates and renewals.

Passes & Permits

Ensure that contractors have a valid permit to work on your site. Receive automatic email reminders when a permit expires.

GDPR Compliant

We ensure that all data/documents and personal information is secure and in compliance with GDPR law.

Badge Printing

Need contractors and visitors to wear a badge, DigiGreet will print a label off. The label can include a picture of the contractor or visitor, your company logo, company they are from, name and who they are visiting.

Health & Safety Questionnaires

Make sure all those visiting your business have read and understood policies, you can even add a video to make sure they have watched and understood before proceeding to signing in.

Fire Safety

Don’t get caught in an emergency, easily see who is on site. Run a fire check, by simply ticking who’s on site. Run it off your mobile, tablet with an inbuilt offline mode if you do happen to lose internet connection.

How do you know it works?

Great Western Railway have been using our Contractor Management Software in depots throughout the country with it getting rolled out to more and more each month. Our system also has the ability to integrate with most contact less technologies as all you need is a USB reader with keyboard output from your supplier or if you have contractors going in and out all day you can assign them a temporary fob. We have fully integrated our systems with Paxton who are the market leading IP access control, door entry and building intelligence systems for smart buildings. Not using Paxton we can see if your current technology will integrate, just get in contact and we will do the rest.