School Theatre Online Booking System

Are you tired of managing school ticket sales?
Are you looking to save admin time and improve efficiency of the whole process?

Bookating™ is part of our education software suite and is a school box office event booking system could do the trick. It is a simple system for managing the ticketing of events. It is ideal and easy for schools to use as it was originally built for a school in mind.

Bookating Theatre- £67.50 a month*

  • The parents are able to make bookings conveniently 24/7 online from any location giving them the best chance of securing tickets.
  • The system seamlessly manages different options such as maximum tickets per family, gallery seating or ticket extras e.g. booking a vegetarian meal.
Real Time Ticketing
  • Events can include scanning badges, extras including dinners, accommodation, plus much more…
  • An instant ticket confirmation and receipt is sent out therefore making the whole process faster.
  • Time savings of 60% per year can be made by automating the processes for theatre events so typical ROI of 12-18 months is expected, for a quote please give us a call.
  • School staff don’t have to chase paper permission slips anymore therefore it is easier to confirm final numbers & costs.
Ticket Pricing

There’s lots of automation in events too with the ability to set up emails to go out before or after the event. Multiple pricing options covers different levels of membership and non member rates.

Tickets by Email

As soon as the order has been processed, customers will get the ticket by email, ready to attend the event

Online Ordering

Easy ordering working on a first come, first serve basis. If the event is sold out customers can join a waiting list in case tickets become available at a later date. They can see past events they have attended and future event from there customer portal.

Save school money

Compared to a paper based system bookating can greatly reduces administration time by taking out a number of manual steps, therefore providing efficiencies to both parties and can be integrated into your current website.

Make life easier for the school office

By providing a paperless, automated e-ticketing school system for parents and school staff, this system can speed up the process of creating tickets for school events. It is ideal for managing trips and events, dramatically improving the communication between parents & schools to provide a fast and exceptional school service.

We allow ticketing for the following events:

  • School Plays
  • School Musical Performances
  • Parents Evenings
  • Quiz nights and other socials
  • PTA Events
  • External Events
Great user functionality
  • online ordering – no staff time spent dealing with parents
  • scanning tickets – fast admissions, greater security and sure knowledge of who is on the premises in the event of an emergency
  • max numbers – fair system, first come first served
  • different pricing with limits and discounts – handles pupil rates, child prices, seniors etc.
  • Pre ordered extras – get interval drinks and snacks ready in advance
KPIs target results

Parents love the system, it looks the part with your school branding on the tickets and order pages. Parents get the tickets by email, they just need to bring their phone for scanning or they can print the tickets if they prefer.

It’s a professional image and the right approach for your school.

One system for all activities

With increasing awareness of safety and security, parents, governors and staff all appreciate the benefits of knowing that tickets can’t be used twice, so if the ticket scans correctly, you know for sure it’s a valid ticket. You also know who has arrived and who hasn’t, so you know exactly who is on the premises and what time they arrived, useful in the event of an emergency or for planning future events.

Integration with payment gateways

Event payments made simple!

Save administration time as Bookating can integrate with all of the popular payment gateways i.e. Paypal, Stripe, World Pay, Fast Pay, Squid etc.  Customers can book, pay and receive there tickets via email. It is that simple!

We also have a simple online forms system

* Exc VAT and T & C apply