Digital Permissions Forms System for Schools

The school receptionist has only received 60% of permissions slips signed and returned for today’s school trip

We have done it again! We have built a system which reduces the workload and administration costs  for a typical school by automating the permissions slips process. This little system manages all types of forms used in a typical school scenario that you would need to distribute from a simple parent permission slips to a full blown contact and preferences form for a school trip and everything in between.

How does it work?


The relevant  member of staff creates the form using a simple form builder.

They say want questions they need answered, what the options are and who the form answers should be sent to, other than the data base of course.

Answers are then collated into a simple report by the system and that’s that.



The form can include text fields, drop-down fields, checkboxes, etc. in any combination to create an unlimited range of data collection points.

The form data is then collected centrally and securely.

The digital response permission system then gives you the option to grant access to particular sets of form data to additional users – for example giving a department head access to a class’s permission responses.

It can also be used to send out parent surveys to gather their opinion on how the school is performing in certain areas.


One system for all activities

Reduced cost – produce paperless forms yourself

Reduced cost – no time needed to collate responses

Reduced Time – Easy to use, little training required

Helps to reduce your carbon footprint (no printing)

Forms won’t be lost (by the children or parents!)

Return rate of forms increases

More efficient method to share data with respected parties via email

How will it help me?

  • Lost permissions forms a thing of the past
  • Get higher response rates with more completed returns
  • Get a a reduction in printing costs by switching to ePermissions forms
  • Saves money as reduces adminstration time to send and chase forms
  • The system has the flexibility to work around what your institute needs
  • Easier to assess what forms have been completed and to chase the others within the system

Is this something you would be interested in? We could offer a free demo of the product if you like? Please get in touch with Anita on 01865 556070