DigiGreet Samaritan Panic Button Software for the Modern Era

DigiGreet is pleased to launch its new feature Samaritan – Panic Button Software. This article will discuss the DigiGreet Samaritan in more detail and how it can help businesses and employees during the time of emergencies.

DigiGreet Samaritan

It is no secret that emergencies at the workplace can arise anytime without any prior notice. Because of the nature of emergencies, businesses can prepare for them in advance and do the best they can to ensure employee safety.

By using the Samaritan panic button feature any employee can ask for help just by pressing the SOS button. After the SOS button is pressed, the alarm sound will ring (optional), and help messages will come up on the screen of other employees. These help messages will allow employees to respond to the request of their colleagues and assist them as best as they can.

Notably, a feature like DigiGreet Samaritan can be best used when one of the employees is facing an aggressive customer, during a health-related emergency, or simply when they need something but cannot leave the room, such as a teacher not able to leave children unattended.

By offering such features to the employees, organisations can avoid major incidents at their workplace. In addition, it will also help organisations in improving the safety of their premises, which in return will reduce the attrition rate, as employees will feel more secure and valued.

Final Thoughts

Specific organisations, such as hospitals and schools, have to give their staff members the ability to request help, however, do not always have the budget for a separate physical alarm system. DigiGreet Samaritan is the solution for such organizations. To know more about the system and the various use cases, get in touch with DigiGreet today, which also happens to be one of the best visitor management systems available!

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