Dress to Impress, what does your reception say about your business?

The value of branding is becoming more and more important today. If you are a fashion designer, then being seen in clothing other than your own is business suicide. After all, if we do not practise what we preach, then why should others subscribe- This blog provides a comprehensive guide to marketing through your reception (and office space), and how you can make a subscriber out of every person who spends time in your reception (hint: it does not involve a massive poster asking for money).

Why not start to engage with the right people from their first visit to your reception? Here are some suggestions as to how to engage with visitors to your reception so they have a positive, first time experience of your company, school or university:

Who are you? What is your mission?

Finding out who you are as an organisation and defining what you’re values are will help you know when you meet the  people you wish to connect with. Who are your biggest fans, biggest advocates? This is where you look to share values so the buy into to you right from reception. This way, you can go about making your reception the window into your company’s soul.

Go for the wow factor

Make sure everything about you reception entices the visitor in. The reception is an internal marketing piece, and you need it to show the best side of your company. See how effectively Selfridges uses this principle with their external reception i.e. the windows.  The style clearly demonstrates the WOW factor of Selfridges as well as clearly endorsing their brand identity to all the people passing by, even in the double decker buses. This is a great example of how they stand out amongst all the other department stores on Oxford Street and how they attract their ideal customer who want to have a piece of the Selfridges brand.

Display mission statement

Make it big and obvious what it is that you stand for- so that it acts as a brand advertisement for your company.

Give extras

According to the PR and Marketing expert Miki Markovich, providing thoughtful extras like a fresh pot of coffee, or some cookies might calm even the ‘grumpy’ client.

Select the right colours

Studies have proven that certain colours can elicit specific emotions. Blue can make you feel calm whilst yellow (contrary to popular reputations as a happy colour), creates anxiety. In business logos and your offices, do you want it to be gold for luxury, or red for ‘call to action’?

Find out what visitors want first hand

As an area that hosts a whole demographic of visitors on a daily basis, the time they wait at your reception is prime time for marketing intel.

Get rid of: clutter, ambiguity and discomfort

According to BusinessFirstOnline, there is nothing worse than having a bleak and ambiguous looking reception area. So put yourself in the shoes of a client, or better yet- get a friend to visit you and give you feedback.

Create guest journeys

Tailor the experience of your guests to create a memorable impression.Have an action plan for your “angry customer” and your “shy client”.

Never compromise on staff

Figure out who you want to represent your company. As the receptionist is the first person the guest meets, you need them to be your advocate. Always look for someone with the right attitude and with the right skills set. It is increasingly popular for companies to hire individuals with a hospitality background.

Most of all

Take action from all the information you gather, and change as you take your company to its heights! For example would it make sense to have a digital signing in system? This could smarten up the visitors experience and give the impression you are a forward thinking company ready to do business. Have a look at OFEC’s DigiGreet to see how this system could work for you. You could also have a look at our short video in our video gallery.

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