Do You Need To Spend a Lot on a Visitor Management System?

For any school and business, the security of everyone present on the premises is a major concern.

Schools and businesses looking to enhance the security of their premises will look at visitor management systems as one of the first things to update. Implementation of a visitor management system can reduce the security risks and prevents any malicious activity from happening on the premises.

While it does improve security, it also has a cost of implementation associated with it. While big organisations often have the idea that paying more for a tool means that it is good; however, this is not true every time. You can get an effective visitor management system at a more affordable price. Small organisations often have the question – do we need to spend a lot on a visitor management system?

With DigiGreet being one of the more cost-effective solutions, the answer is clearly a no, and here’s why.

For the price of any tool or solution, there are three main areas to address– Expense, Servicing, and Quality.


To be honest, as a business, you should not worry about expenses, whether the firm has expensive staff, full-page ads, or nice cars is not something that matters. Something that actually matters is the product value and the comparison with other solution providers. You need to understand your objectives and requirements, create a list and don’t let providers try to persuade you there is value in something not on your list. Judge the product against how it meets your needs, disregard those that don’t and then look at cost from those that are left.


Servicing is important so let us have a closer look at this. In terms of visitor management system what is servicing?

You need service if the system is not working or you cannot work out how to do what you want to do. We have been in business for more than 20 years, if it did not work, we would not have been in business for so long or be able to charge the low rates we do so don’t let firms pass on the costs of their own incompetance. In terms of you not being able to do what you want to do, we have a few things to mention.

  1. The setup is done by DigiGreet, so there is nothing to do (apart from a very few settings that only you should do, such as evacuation page password etc) to get going.
  2. The system is user-friendly, so you can usually easily see how to do what you have to do.
  3. We provide different videos to help you get familiar with the system just in case it’s not obvious.
  4. We are just an email, phone, or live chat message away to answer all the questions that you might have with regards to the DigiGreet visitor management system so it quick and simple for us both.


There are two perspectives to quality – does it work well and does it do the right stuff. The servicing section covers the quality of the product from the reliability point of view. To say it again, it works because it has to, with these prices, DigiGreet wouldn’t have survived otherwise.

Coming to the does it do the right stuff, well, it has all the necessary features that makes sure you are able to do everything that you would do with the visitor management system. The feature-rich solution is integrated with amazing features that will help you do everyday functions. Some of the most notable features include GDPR, badge printing, contactless sign-in, and pre-registration among others.

All of these come at the most competitive pricing. For businesses with staff 1 to 10, the prices start at just £5 per month. These prices go up as the number of staff increases and your requirements from the system grow.

Demos are free, if you’re not sure, just ask.

Final Thoughts

Often low prices are associated with unreliability. However, I hope we have explained why this is not the case with the DigiGreet visitor management system. You get a reliable, efficient, and powerful system that simply works. Thus, get in touch with DigiGreet today to know more about our visitor management system.

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