COVID Passes For Care Homes

According to the new covid pass mandate announced in England, anyone working with the CQC-registered care home has to ensure full vaccination against Covid-19, unless if they are exempted.

The new covid pass regulation is applicable only for CQC-registered care homes which are providing accommodation to people requiring personal care or nursing. Being said that, the covid pass mandate applies to most of the people visiting the care home facility for everyday work-related activities.

For example, employees, contractors, volunteers, and agency workers who have been hired by care homes. Additionally, people who are not hired by care homes (nurses, doctors, and CQC inspectors), but have to enter the facility should also be fully vaccinated. This mandate is also applicable to job aspirants coming for interviews at the care home facility. Moreover, people who live in Wales or Scotland but visit a CQC-registered care home in England, also have to get themselves fully vaccinated.

This article will discuss the things which care homes have to do to meet the covid pass guidelines issued by the Government.

Things Care Homes Must Do

In England, every care home must prepare a succinct plan. For this, they must discuss and agree on the various steps to need to take with suppliers, staff, and contractors at the earliest. Moreover, care homes must also discuss the date before which they want everyone to get vaccinated.

If anyone working inside the care home is hesitant to get fully vaccinated, care home providers but get in touch with such people and encourage them to get vaccinated to continue working in the care home. Doing so will help care homes to retain employees, thereby avoiding any unnecessary dismissals.

Mandatorily check if the person is vaccinated or not

Before allowing anyone inside the care home facility, ensure that you are checking if the person is fully vaccinated or not. At the time of entry, look out for the Government issued covid pass. You can either do this manually or automate the covid pass checking process using the DigiGreet visitor management system. Of course, if you want a seamless and error-free process, avoid manual checks and opt for automation through the DigiGreet visitor management system.

Notably, the DigiGreet visitor management system is the first solution to offer care homes with a covid pass check feature. The feature automatically checks if the concerned person has a valid covid pass or not. Moreover, the system also stores the details of the covid pass, including the expiry date.

As a side note, it’s also possible for Contactless sign into DigiGreet for people who’d like to avoid touching the main screen and have a phone.

Overall, the DigiGreet visitor management system offers an effective, fast, and error-free method to conduct covid pass checks. Get in touch with DigiGreet today, to know more about the innovative feature.

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