Contactless Sign In

Visitors and Contractors can sign in without touching a screen or pen with our Contactless sign in.

Contactless sign in for the Corona Virus (Covid 19)With DigiGreet visitors and contractors can sign in using their phone without needing to install an app. It's simple, easy and effective.

This means you can monitor the arrival and departure of visitors and contractors as well as asking them relevant questions such as whether they are living with someone who has had Covid 19 it in the last 14 days (or has now!). In this way you are able to fulfil your responsibilities to your staff and your visitors and carry on running the business safely.

Do you need track and trace, this is also possible.

If you use fobs such as Paxton Net2, they are also able to sign in by using a fob. If not, you can also print them a visitor badge with a barcode to scan.

To find out about the many ways you can manage visitors in a Covid safe way, please get in touch.

What Clients Say?