Is your visitor management log book GDPR ready?

With the new General Data Protection Regulation around the corner (25th of May 2018), something as simple as your traditional visitor book being used at reception can be in risk of violating the regulations.

Some questions to think about.

  • Data Privacy- In a traditional book how easy is it to see the information of previous visitors?
  • Right to be Forgotten- With GDPR you have the right to be forgotten how would this work in a traditional visitor book?
  • Data Consent & Storage- How long does a visitor book sit there for? How long are you storing data? What happens to the book when its complete? Do you get consent from each person before they sign in?
  • Required Information only-  Within GDPR you must only collect required information, this can vary from each type of visitor, can your paper system distinguish visitors based on type?

DigiGreet is a digital cloud-based Visitor Management system which combines all your visitor management needs along with being GDPR compliant.

  • Highly secure – no way visitors will be able to see who has been in before.
  • Allows visitors to be forgotten in a simple few steps.
  • Clear consent to be given as part of the signing in process.
  • Based on your policy data can be removed automatically to avoid storing data for too long.
  • As it’s a digital system you can adapt the information collected by the type of visitor.
  • IP restriction feature means that the system can be used only on your organisation premises

So why not check DigiGreet out and stay on the right side of GDPR, prices starting from £19.99 a month

We are more than happy to have chat and make the system work for you.

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