COVID 19 Update Of Our Visitor Management System for Schools

For managing the Covid-19 risk – the DigiGreet visitor management system has two different approaches.

  1. On arrival ask the right set of questions.
  2. Minimizing touching to common surfaces at the school premises.

Security Questions

In our visitor management system, we have added security questions for members of staff. Therefore, it is possible to ask contractors, visitors, and staff questions about Covid-19. Similar to previously, the questions come with expiry dates. This is to avoid asking unnecessary questions if there is no need to ask Covid-19 questions daily.

Note that, not all of the editions of the DigiGreet visitor management system have individual expiry dates. For instance, Lite and Pro have group-level expiry. For more details, visit the Covid-19 Questions to Visitors page.

Minimizing Touch

The contactless sign-in feature has now been expanded to all of the editions of the DigiGreet visitor management system. Thus, the feature is now also available on the Lite edition, which will help in the eradication of Covid-19.

The contactless sign-in and out feature has three options.

  1. Easy – The email button to the contractor or visitor. They just press the button on the email to sign in or out.
  2. QR Code at School Reception – Using this option the visitor uses their phones to scan the QR code.
  3. QR Code on Phone – Under this option, the QR code is sent to the visitor’s email. They then show the code to the camera at the reception, which will them sign in.

Of course, each of these options has its own pros and cons. To discuss them in more detail, get in touch with DigiGreet today.

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