Oxford Based Digital Projects Coordinator

Job Description

What will you be doing?

  • Costing of projects, time lines, and allocation of resources, consistent with OFEC and client’s objectives.

  • Write instructions to the developers which may include technical specifications which matches the client’s requirements.

  • Write website specs to ensure build exceeds client expectations

  • Client expectations are being managed effectively (client is not reporting any surprises), communications from the client are positive, satisfied, upbeat, appreciative.

  • Client is happy to be a testimonial provider/”raving fan” of OFEC

Are you right for the job?

  • After training you will feel easy and confident in your role, asking questions where necessary and forging ahead when not.

  • You enjoy learning as you are doing it consistently and effectively, often independently.

  • The developers love you, we all love you. You are in a happy team having fun.  

  • Competencies

  • Communication

  • You need to clearly understand client objectives, challenge client assumptions and ideas to ensure the final request is thought through from our perspective, with our knowledge of new technology and experience, as well as the client’s. You will therefore frequently offer alternative’s that will enable OFEC to exceed client expectations.

  • Regular feedback and updates to client

  • Demonstrate clear understanding of build process, timings, etc.

  • Functional testing – does the website work as the client/user experience requires?

  • Able to identify and raise issues around aesthetics of the site – design eye: “does it look/feel right? If not why not?”

  • Identify issues and address before they get to the client

  • Able to action client feedback for cosmetic and simple changes which would not be cost effective to specify back to the developers such as colour or text changes.

  • Able to prioritise numerous tasks.

  • Informed and well read re. new technology developments, market expectations etc. Able to challenge the team when you have better ideas.

  • Buy-in and co-operation of OFEC colleagues.

  • Pro-activity and foresight resulting in minimal problems being escalated.

  • Salary £21,000

Technical Expertise

  • Some knowledge of html, css, Microsoft SQL

  • An understanding of how websites generally work, OFEC tools and latest developments. The level of understanding is not necessarily detailed from a code perspective.

  • Be able to effectively use the OFEC Project Management System

  • Familiar with using online resources and forums, chat etc

Get in touch if this is the ideal job for you on 01865 556070 or apply now.