Top new site for girls private school

WOW top new site for SHSK

We are extremely pleased with the results of the new website for St Helen and St Katharine. It is a lively engaging site which definitely catches the eye through the clever use of a tiled design and a good dose of colour all geared up especially for hand held devices.

It starts off with a time lapse video to give you an idea of what a day is like at St Helen and St Katherine School projecting the level of activity and energy that bounces around the school.

The logo was placed at the top of the site which is quite normal however the beauty of our coding is it shrinks down as you navigate down the page. A subtle change however small functionality like this builds on the overall brand of SHSK.

This leads nicely on to the mega menu which works wonderfully on hand held devices, making the navigation and UX so much easier. The tiles are fully editable so they can be updated as and when they want from colours, images, effects and additional rows. How cool is that? This type of functionality is what OFEC loves to code which in turns contributes to a good ROI.

The latest news section is eye catching and neatly designed so it

Navigation titles on the home page of St Helens and St Katharine's school in Abingdon

doesn’t take up too much collateral. Each item can be shared on social media easily. The eye catching countdown panel of up and coming events for parents gives relevant top figures and facts at a glance.

SHSK has their own personalised prospectus too which has been updated with the new site.

The response to the new site has been fabulous from parents,
staff and students. They have commented on how smart it now looks and how they can easily navigate around the site to retrieve information they need.

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