Good morning sir, greeting at award winning Andy Barbers

“Good morning sir” is how you will be greeted at award winning Andy Barbers

Having recently won a national award Andy decided it was time to update their company website. As paralax sites are all the rage at the moment, the new site is a fine example of a parallax site. It uses the format with style to engage with their audience through clever usage of content, images, animation and live video streaming. All this delivers a powerful, engaging site!

One of the objectives of the new website was to give Andy Barbers a more contemporary look and feel through various engaging devices. A question for you – what does a traditional barbers have? A barber’s pole which you will find on their site, however this is animated to grab the eye.

Next take a look at the logo. This was designed to demonstrate how they work as barbers. It is fairly intricate expressing their attention to detail as well as creating a clear style

the logo for Andy's Barber shop in Bicester

for Andy Barbers as a traditional barbers that pride themselves on customer service.

With a careful selection of new images to show how they look after their customers to a new products section, and customer testimonials, customers have been very positive about the new site. After the success of the webcam on their previous website this had to be added on to the new website otherwise there would have been an out roar from their clients.

Of course the new site is mobile friendly and has links to the popular social media sites as well as bright orange squares listing the opening times and real pictures of the staff.

Let’s hope they are successful again in winning an award for their customer service!