Personalisation in higher education to multi lingual website

Choosing a good content management system

Looking around for a good content management system? CMSPro is an open source programme suited for education that allows you to create new pages and add posts easily, without any coding knowledge. This means  you can grow your site quickly with the quality pages making your site fresh with new content – just what Google loves.

In addition, using this system you can have multiple-users accessing and modifying the layout and functionality of your site from different locations making it easier to maintain it with different web masters.

This CMS is especially suited for use in further and higher education. It combines your knowledge of site visitors with the people-who-like-this-also-like-that experience that is currently available on product web sites.

Personalised Content Delivery System

On top of this its Personalised Content Delivery system benefits students by identifying keywords they have used, noting which pages they have visited, and then taking them to pages that are relevant to them making the whole experience of coming to your site quick, relevant and more meaningful.

The CMSPro can also be used to create multi-lingual websites which make it easy for students to find the information they’re looking for, without having to interpret English idioms or scroll through dozens of pages that are irrelevant to their educational needs or interests so if you want to write about the Chinese new year for Chinese students you can!

Next time you are looking for an easy but useful Content Management System for an educational institute why not consider CMSPro?

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Multi-lingual Personalisation