OFEC off to the movies at Pinewood

Brian Muir has dinner with Storm Troopers

The Studios have been the epicentre of British film-making for more than 75 years. Best known, perhaps for the James Bond dynasty that began in 1962, they also produced that Carry On series, and in recent years, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter.

Brian Muir, a 45-year veteran of the British Film Industry, was the guest speaker for the evening.  A very enjoyable evening with great entertain seeing Darth Vader and his storm troopers and learning about all the movies Brian Muir has worked on. As a sculptor he works in polystyrene and clay. All his creations are destroyed after each movie. The aim is to make everything as realistic as in order to make the movies believable. Starting as an apprentice he has never looked back and has a very fulfilling career in the background of the movies.

Despite marauding storm troopers and the presence of Darth Vader, OFEC had a great night  looking at Pinewood memorablia.

Oxford are now having their own Star Wars event called Oxford Comic Con featuring Brian Muir as one of the guest speakers on the 5th and 6th March 2016.