OFEC off to see Prodrive, what stood out

World Class F1 car parts expert

OFEC had a look  behind the scenes of one of the world’s leading motorsport businesses and how engineers assemble the new MINI World Rally Cars and Aston Martin racing cars. It was be interesting to see how this World Class company operates.

Ed Williams was able to feed his interest in Formula 1 racing cars following a meeting of the Federation of Small Businesses held at ProDrive in Banbury, Oxon.

Edward Williams, the MD of OFEC, the Oxford-based creator of intelligent and engaging websites, was impressed by the passion shown by staff at Prodrive, their commitment to the mission, as well as their efficiency. It proved that if was possible to have fun and still succeed in business.

The ProDrive team had only just returned from a race in China the day before, and yet were back in the next morning eagerly getting ready for the next event, and without any thought of overtime.

The tour energized OFEC to create grow its business by creating new products such as MyOwnProspectus and inspired it to steal the march from its competitors.