Memberwise National Conference

Insights from Harnessing the Web 2014 London


Sign for Hotel Russell in London

OFEC trotted off to London to attend the National conference for Memberwise this October. They were keen to see what the latest insights were into the current HOT topic of ‘member personalisation?’ – an OFEC favourite! We are increasingly seeing that Associations are ready to get personal with their members and are seeing the warm glow from their members as a result of their timely and relevant improvements.


The conference also covered member recruitment and retention, member engagement, and online member journeys. All key issues currently facing Associations and Societies as they decide how far they want to venture down the technology road to more actively ‘talk’ with their members.


OFEC were interested to see what level of pain Associations are facing regarding their membership management.

  • Are they happy with their Association Management Platform?
  • What do they ideally want and what are they realistically going to do to get it?
  • Will the OFEC membership system deliver what they want?


All good questions we will be looking to cover the answers and plans for our membership platform in forthcoming blogs. If you have anything you’d like, whether it’s member related or not, give us a shout.