Does every country around the world have the same flag?

New worlds  – new internet usage

Pew Global’s survey on mobile technology has some interesting reveals for the site owners in the western world. The general trend is that more and more people have started to use internet (especially on smartphones) in developing countries. While this survey by US Funds show that China has the largest number of internet users (485 million) in any of these countries- and that is only a third of the country’s overall population!  Among the highest ranking nations of internet users in Developing countries include India (with 100million users, which is ten percent of the overall population) and Brazil (with over 75million users, a third of its overall population). What does this mean for your site?

A lot of potential for e-commerce is what it means. Through E-commerce, almost $8 trillion exchange hands each year, according to research by McKinsey Global Institute. With e-commerce leading the way in economic growth, these emerging markets in countries like China, India and Brazil produce a relatively untapped market.

Go international – don’t be shy

Anyone with google analytics tech (or even WordPress blogging site) will know that your site is visited by people from all over the world. While a membership site may not have thought of their primary consumers being international, today most sites have e-commerce options, and that can be utilised by anyone, anywhere. Growing visitors from around the globe may even be an indicator for your site’s potential to reach out to a global market. So how do you respond?

By making yourself a globally appealing site, of course!

At OFEC, we offer not only high quality responsive sites tailored to your requirements, with an advanced CMS we can now make this a multilingual site, too. From Spanish and French to Mandarin, getting your site translated has never been easier!

OFEC is an experienced provider of multilingual sites, which still offers a single admin system to access the sites in any language and, even better, we handle all your assets centrally through D.A.O. – Digital Asset Optimisation. So all images, white papers, downloads, videos, adverts, calls to action that are relevant to any site are easily accessible.

You can even chose how multilingual you would like your site to be- from home flags which lead to translated websites to specially registered website addresses with local endings, we provide it!

Call us on 01865 556070 to see how we can make make your site multi-lingual.

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