Do Associations own responsive membership management systems

A look at the three most important points raised in the Memberwise survey 2014 in relation to what the membership associations deem important. Having interviewed 229 organisations, Memberwise reveals top difficulties and trends within this scene. Do you face the same difficulties as these organizations? If so, we at OFEC have some suggestions to counteract the difficulties.

What does the user want?

Does your flagship organisation find it difficult to reach out to your members? Do you want to improve your growing membership platform? Memberwise conducted a research in late 2014 with 229 membership organizations and the survey results are out- picking the brains of that many organizations have revealed that the common trends are not so different after all.


The main aspects we gain insight into are responsiveness of the membership sites and the challenges they face. Out of these 229 organizations, only 87 are using responsive web design. More worryingly, 103 organizations are unsure whether their website is even responsive.


This probably leads to the other finding, which is that currently there is no CMS provider that is dominantly used across these organisations; and three in ten organizations are planning to replace their membership database, or their CRMs in 2015.

This begs the question- where has it gone wrong?

The bottom line is that while all organisations are aware of the need that their members expect an “interactive, engaging and value-driven online experience”, the providers they use may not necessarily understand this.


At OFEC, we do two out of the three above-mentioned points for you. We provide an interactive and engaging online experience for the user with our easy to use and automated system, which allows the members to save time and avoid stress; we offer CMS as well as a CRM and we can combine the two for Associations, thus killing multiple birds with one stone, as the saying goes.


Secondly, we build responsive sites for mobiles and tablets, so that the organization can focus more time on creating the value-driven content that the members need. Additionally, we integrate KPI measurement features and allow multiple administrators to access one system and provide collaborative service.


Visit our website whether you are an organisation or a marketing enthusiast, we’d love to talk to you!

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