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Are you a mid-to-small sized association? Are your staff over joyed and energised by work?  If so your sorted however in reality you know that the struggle is real in terms of not having enough working hours for you to send your associations’ letters, add on all the subscriptions, send reminders for renewals and any other tasks which you have to do. How can you automate these procedures? How can you make your machine run smoothly? OFEC has two main functions that can save you significant amounts of time to focus on improving the engine of your organisation instead of being buried under the proverbial paperwork.

It is a given that the membership site is the crux of any membership and association organisation. Giving access to exclusive content, library of archives and e-commerce options, it acts as the main product, advertisement and service all in one. So it is unsurprising when PKF Littlejohn’s survey on Annual Members reveals that 9 out of 10 membership organisations will be investing in technology in the next two years. This begs the question- how? How can you improve your site to make sure that you are providing the best level of service to your members?

Here is how OFEC can help you revamp your online package. In addition to offering a fully integrated Membership and Automated Management system with all the above mentioned features, we include these features as highlights.

Automated procedures

Automating anything that is automatable, we provide (surprise, surprise) automated e-commerce and member invoice management, including scheduled payment reminder emails and paper-less bills. This allows you to free up precious human resources that are spent on these tasks and allows you to reallocate them to creating captivating content and marketing.

Member profiling is a feature that allows the members to profile themselves. By registering to view specific content, you can stop worrying about trying to write content that covers everything, aimed at everyone, and instead create features on specific content that you know your subscribers will want to read. The end result is a form of personalised content that benefits both the user and the member.

Conference Management System

If the membership site is the body of the organisation, conferences and events form the sustenance for your organisation. The months of planning and paperwork can be automated and cut down to re-focus your energy on improving the content of the event and/ or conference.  From sending itineraries with integrated payment method in your e-invites, to sending scheduled e-mails to delegates and exhibitors with changes, we allow you to segment and automate membership mailings. Avoiding human errors and last-minute mishaps, these can be set up weeks in advance, so that it is not left out. This is not to mention the admin dashboard that comes as a standard, allowing you to manage tasks and projects.

The question that remains is whether your organisation can afford to keep wasting your employees’ time and resources doing menial tasks, which can be assigned to your self-reliant membership site.

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How will you be investing in technology?

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