Why You Should Replace Your Staff Signing In and Out Book?

Book sign-in process is too old-fashioned, isn’t it?

Moreover, it is not even cheap with all the GDPR compliance requirements and the fact that businesses are expected to respect the right to privacy of everyone. On Amazon, a typical sign-in book is going to cost somewhere between £20 – £60 for 100 uses, which might get used up pretty quickly if the staff signs in and out every day without failing. This does not even include the visitors’ sign-in and sign-out.

And yes, there are contractors, as well. If this is a fire register, as a business you would not want emergency services going into the burning building just to find out that Bob the plumber’s is not there in the building because he wanted his trusty plumbers’ wrench from the van and was busy collecting this when the old-fashioned sign-in book got burned.

Oh! Did the sign-in book got burned and go up in smoke? Maybe it is manufactured using fire retardant paper.

Don’t you think it would be much simpler for you to use a digital visitor management system on your mobile devices with DigiGreet, the visitor management system that runs on a browser? It is simple to use and there is nothing at all to install.

Just visit the link and input the password provided to you by Bob at the reception and you get access. Start ticking off people using the tick box next to their name, you can also give them a call when they are missing, and you are all sorted.

In addition to this, the digital visitor management system also provides you with access to various kinds of information. For instance, who visited when and at what time. Moreover, one can also know which room the visitor visited after signing inside the office premises.

Notably, the visitor management system can also help you to ask security questions to visitors and contractors even before they arrive at the reception, which ensures the security aspect is also covered.

So you get the overall idea of using a digital visitor management system and the various benefits that it has to offer. Being said that, it is not just the benefits that it has to offer, it is also the fact that a digital visitor management system, such as the one provided by DigiGreet, is also much cheaper when compared to book sign-in processes, in the long run.

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