Staff Room and Facilities Booking System for Hybrid Working

The DigiGreet visitor management system comes with a simple and easy cloud-based room and desk booking solution.

For improving the visitor experience, the visitor management system is a great modern-day solution. However, the DigiGreet visitor management systems use cases are not just limited to visitors. It has a bunch of great features that can serve a number of different purposes for the organization, thereby helping them to increase the overall productivity of the employees at work.

One of these great features in the DigiGreet system is the room and desk booking feature that the DigiGreet visitor management system provides to the organisation. This article will discuss how organisations can use the feature.

DigiGreet Room Booking Feature

Using the room booking feature offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system, employees within the organisation can book the room for completing their meetings. The feature can be used to book rooms well in advance, thereby eliminating the last-minute hassle. Additionally, the visitor management system also gives an overview to the other employees on which rooms or desks are booked currently.

Having details on such information ensures proper workflow within the organisation, which ultimately leads to more productivity and an increased bottom line for the firm. This is also very crucial in a hybrid workplace environment since organisations are in control regarding which rooms are getting used and which are not. The real-time information can help the business in better managing hybrid workplaces. Moreover, other staff members can also make an informed decision, such as if they want to visit the premises or not, based on the occupancy details.

Additionally, the room booking feature also provides participants of the meetings with details such as where they are supposed to meet for the meeting. Thus, it removes the miscommunication element, which at times can cost the organisation a lot more than one can imagine.

Book Desks Using the Room Booking Feature

The DigiGreet room booking feature can also be used for booking desks. This ensures that employees can book their desks even before coming to the office.

The feature is expected to become a life-saver for most businesses in hybrid workplaces, as employees can decide in advance whether they want to visit the office on a given day or continue working from home based on the occupancy data.

Final Thoughts

The DigiGreet visitor management system is one of the most efficient tools for the organisation that has implemented a hybrid working system. If you are not sure if DigiGreet is the system for your requirements and need more details on it, get in touch with us today to know everything that you want to.

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