Safety, are Remote Workers on Site or Working from Home?

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown organisations the importance of adopting a hybrid working model.

From the health and safety point of view, hybrid working has become the need of the hour. However, the working model is also important when it comes to offering flexibility to staff members.

Of course, the benefits of hybrid working are several. But at the same time, there are certain challenges as well. For example, not having any information on which employee is working from the home and which is working remotely. To overcome such challenges, having an efficient visitor management system becomes crucial.

This article will discuss how a visitor management system offered by DigiGreet can help organizations.

Zones for better management of remote workers

Using the visitor management system offered by DigiGreet, organizations can set up zones, thereby allowing the person in charge to know who is where. Having this information is crucial for employee safety and health. This is because, by defining zones, employees can avoid crowded areas in the premises.

Moreover, when the employee comes inside the office premises and signs in using the visitor management system, other employees would know that they are inside the office. Additionally, the DigiGreet visitor management system also allows remote workers to sign in into the home zone, which would again help the required person to differentiate who is working from home and who is inside the office.

Notably, the zones feature offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system is simple to use. There is no need to download anything on the employee side. The system is entirely browser-based and easy to use.

Other features

Apart from the Zones feature, the DigiGreet visitor management system offers a host of other features such as pre-registration, document management portal, auto reception, QR code sign-in, and integration with Paxton Net 2.

All of these features offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system are a must-have for any business, including schools, if they are looking to ensure the safety and security of everyone involved with the organization.

Final Thoughts

The DigiGreet visitor management system is not just a feature-rich solution, but it is also one of the most cost-efficient solutions available in the market at present. The system can be scaled as needed by the organizations. If you are looking to provide your remote workers with the zones features, as the one offered by DigiGreet, get in touch with us today and know more about the efficient visitor management system.

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