QR Code SignIn System

Across industry verticals, the visitor experience has become a pressing issue. This is because, whenever a visitor enters the business premises, that in itself can make or break the deal.

For instance, a complicated paper-based check-in process can lead to wasted time, lengthy queues can delay the start of the meeting, and being forced to come in close contact with others can risk Covid-19 exposure. All of these factors can lead to a bad visitor impression.

These problems can arise regardless of the size of the business. It is where having a QR code sign-in system can result in streamlining the visitor flow. This article will discuss the QR code sign-in system and the various benefits of using it.

QR Code Sign-In System

The QR code-based sign-in system is a digital solution for workplaces that allows contractors and visitors to access the business premises efficiently and safely. Even before the visitor arrives at the reception, he or she is provided with a unique QR code, which can be used at the reception desk to sign in when they arrive at the business premises. Moreover, the QR code sign-in system also works for organizations that have an access control system, such as Paxton Net 2, in place. Visitors just need to show the QR code to door readers to get access to a specific room or building.

With businesses expected to return to the physical workplaces sooner rather than later, using the QR code sign-in system can provide everyone with a more safe and reliable way to access the premises, especially for offices that have multiple buildings.

Benefits of QR Code Sign-In System

1. Contactless sign in for Covid-19 safety

The QR code sign-in method can prevent unnecessary crowding at the reception area, which thereby reduces exposure to Covid-19. But the biggest advantage of the QR code sign-in process is the contactless method through which it allows to access the business facility, which also reduces the risk of Covid-19 infection.

Apart from this, the QR code sign-in method also allows administrators to track and manage visitors more efficiently, thereby ensuring that social distancing norms are being followed.

2. Reduces touching of common surfaces

By implementing a contactless sign-in process, businesses can also take out the possibility of touching common surfaces over and over again. If there is no QR code sign-in system, people are bound to touch common surfaces, such as a tablet or touch screen required for signing in. With QR code sign-in, visitors are only using their mobile phones to access the business facility.

3. Cost-effective solution

For businesses with multiple buildings, having various screens in each area can be expensive. With the QR code sign-in process, there is no need to have various screens in different areas. This will help the business in reducing the cost, which can be, therefore, used at a more important place.

Final Thoughts

QR code sign-in makes the visitor experience more seamless and safe. If you are also looking for a QR code-based sign-in system, get in touch with DigiGreet today.

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