Paxton Net2 Integration DigiGreet Visitor Management System

To keep their visitors, employees, and contractors safe, businesses are faced with a number of challenges on a daily basis. In order to boost the security and safety of the premises, businesses are increasingly shifting to access control and a visitor management system.

In this article, we will discuss how the integration of the Paxton Net 2 access control system and the DigiGreet visitor management system can help organisations.

Paxton Integration with DigiGreet Visitor Management System

DigiGreet always had the vision to offer the best possible solution for businesses that can help them maintain the best possible security standards. Consequently, DigiGreet provides businesses and schools with the ability to integrate a visitor management system with the Paxton Net 2 access control system for greater security.

Why DigiGreet and Paxton Net2?

Through Paxton Net 2 integration, businesses, as well as schools, can achieve top-level security. Paxton Net 2 is used by thousands of businesses and schools globally and is one of the leading access control systems used in the United Kingdom. With its integration with DigiGreet which provides excellent features such as contactless sign-in, pre-registration, opening doors with QR codes, and GDPR compliance, among several others, businesses and schools can create a holistic security approach.

Moreover, the integration of the two systems also ensures that businesses are able to better streamline their workflow processes. Some of the major benefits that businesses can attain through the integration of these two systems include a quick sign-in process, combating errors in reporting, more efficient management structure, facilitating staff timesheets, and getting more out of their investment.

How Does Paxton Integration with DigiGreet Work?

After the integration, businesses can configure access levels for each person. Once done, the personnel are just required to swipe their fob/card to get access to the various areas of the premises. For businesses and schools, the integration allows restricting the areas which visitors can have access and the places where they cannot have access. This improves the security multifold and allows the temporary fobs, often held in reception, to be blank until they are paired with a person.

What If Your School Or Business Already Has Paxton?

It is expected that most businesses or schools might already have Paxton Net 2 solution implemented in their premises. Thus, DigiGreet will use the existing Paxton Net 2 system and integrate it with the visitor management system to make your premises safer, secure, and sound.

Final Thoughts

For any business or school looking to find a visitor management system that works with their existing access control system such as Paxton Net 2, now you know what needs to be done. Therefore, get in touch with DigiGreet today and make your business or school premises more secure.

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