Need An Easy Purpose Built School Visitor Management System?

In the times of the Covid-19 era, the need for having a safer school environment has multiplied several times.

As school reopens again and students start coming to the premises, the school management has to ensure the safety of everyone. From ensuring that only authorised personnel gets access to the premises to know the status of the students, the visitor management can do all of this efficiently.

This article will discuss an efficient visitor management system that can help schools in times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

DigiGreet Visitor Management System for Schools

Built for the modern-day schools that prioritise safety and security, DigiGreet visitor management is one of the best tools available for school management. The system comes with all of the necessary features that can help the school in creating a safer and flourishing environment for students as well as employees.

Notably, one of the most important features that the DigiGreet visitor management system offers include the Covid-19 questionnaire. Using the feature, school management can identify the students and employees that are at risk of the infection. In addition to this, the DigiGreet visitor management system can also provide information on the number of students inside the premises at any given point in time.

Keeps Track of Not Just Students and Staff but Visitors as Well

The visitor management system for schools also allows the management to keep track of visitors and not just students. It tracks the movement of every visitor inside the school premises and also ensures that only authorised visitors can move around the premises. The host of features offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system makes sure that the management is on top of everything that is happening inside the premises.

Affordable Pricing

With all of these feature offerings bundled with the DigiGreet visitor management system, you might be thinking that it would be an expensive buy. But it is the complete opposite of that.

The DigiGreet visitor management system for schools is one of the most cost-efficient tools which comes at the most competitive prices as compared to some of the other alternatives available in the market. The DigiGreet visitor management for schools in covid times starts at just £5 per month. Moreover, even the bells and whistles version of the system is available for £15 per month.

Final Thoughts

When parents send their kids to school, they are worried about the safety of their children. Thus, businesses must provide assurances to the parents that their kids are safe, especially in times of the Covid-19 pandemic. The DigiGreet visitor management system for schools is the solution that will help you achieve this during the Covid-19 pandemic. To know more about the DigiGreet visitor management system, get in touch with DigiGreet today.