Link a Visitor Management System to an Access Control System

Organisations are increasingly seeking digital tools to boost and increase the security and safety of their premises. This has resulted in rising demand for solutions such as visitor management systems and access control systems over the last few years.

There is no doubt that a visitor management system increases the efficiency and productivity of the business. But from a tighter premises security, organisations must choose a more holistic approach. This is where the modern-day visitor management system such as the one offered by DigiGreet  provides organisations with the ability to integrate with the access control system to achieve a more holistic security approach.

This article will discuss the benefit of integrating visitor management systems with access control systems.

Visitor Access Control System

The visitor access control system provides businesses with the ability to restrict physical access to certain areas within the premises. Through the use of visitor access control systems such as Paxton Net 2, the organization can achieve greater control of the security of the overall premises. Notably, the control points within the business building can include parking entry points, reception, flip gates, and escalators among several others. Due to this, only those visitors who have proper access can enter and move within the facility.

Integration of Visitor Management System with Access Control System

An efficient and feature-rich visitor management system such as the one offered by DigiGreet can be easily integrated with an access control system such as Paxton Net 2. One of the major benefits behind the integration of these two systems is the fact that it can allow the business to achieve better security and a higher level of operational control.

Moreover, the integration of the two systems will also allow organisations to effectively monitor the movement of visitors and contractors inside the business facility. Since, visitors and contractors are not always escorted by staff members, having the ability to track and monitor the movement can be a crucial element to maintain the overall safety and security of everyone present at the premises.

Integrate DigiGreet with Paxton Net 2

The sophisticated visitor management system offered by DigiGreet can be integrated with an access control system such as Paxton Net 2 seamlessly. This ensures greater security is maintained while offering a seamless check-in process for everyone involved with the business operations. The DigiGreet Connect feature ensures businesses can complete the integration without much hassle.

Final Thoughts

Security has become an integral part of the overall business operations. Both the visitor management system as well as access control system ensures that businesses can maintain a high level of security. To know more about the DigiGreet and Paxton Net 2 integration, get in touch with us today.