Integrate a Visitor Management System with an Access Control

Across industries, businesses are demanding enhanced security measures and processes in place. This has resulted in the growing demand for visitor management systems and access control systems in both businesses as well as school’s premises.

Of course, the visitor management system is a great improvement over paper and pen-based processes. But organisations, including schools, are still looking for a more holistic approach that ensures tighter measures are in place. The DigiGreet visitor management system which provides organisations with a feature-rich solution also allows for hardware integration. This ensures businesses are in better control of their premises.

This article will discuss the benefit of integrating the visitor management solution and access control system. But before that let us briefly discuss the access control system.

Access Control System

Access control system restricts access for unauthorised personnel inside the business premises. Only authorised personnel with the right access codes are able to access the facility. When businesses install access control systems such as Paxton Net 2, they achieve physical access control goals through digital means.

The access control point within the organisation includes doors at the reception, escalators, parking entry gates, and flip gates among various others. Notably, only authorised visitors having access keys can enter and move around the premises.

The benefit of Integrating Visitor Management Systems with Visitor Access Control Systems

Visitor management systems such as the one provided by DigiGreet is easy to integrate with access control systems such as Paxton Net 2 to achieve a higher level of operational control and better security.

Moreover, the integration of two systems also allows organisations to monitor the movements more efficiently. The integration of an access control system with a visitor management system is also crucial when visitors and contractors have free access to the entire premises and are not always escorted by staff members.

The integration is also beneficial in terms of more seamless operations, as it eliminates the need of getting manual access credentials.

Integration of DigiGreet with Paxton Net 2

The sophisticated visitor management system offered by DigiGreet can be easily integrated with Paxton Net 2 access control system. This ensures that businesses are able to streamline their check-in process while ensuring greater security at all times.

Final Thoughts

There is no need to send contractors or visitors to the security office for getting their access credentials. The integration of the DigiGreet system with Paxton ensures that businesses are able to streamline their processes. The integration of the two systems offers businesses a more holistic approach to onsite security.

Access Control System