Hybrid Working Booking a Desk for Your Day in the Office

Sooner rather than later, firms are expected to open offices as vaccination programs are running at full speed. As the future workplace, most organisations are considering implementing a hybrid working model, where employees are allowed to split their work between office and home.

As the open date for workplaces is just around the corner, it is about time for organisations to think about the safe return of their employees to the offices.

When employees return to physical workspaces, offices are bound to look much more different compared to what they used to be in the pre-Covid age. With social distancing measures, capacity limits, and other safety guidelines, the concept of an employee having a permanent desk to work is out of the question for the time being, which ultimately means that employees cannot work full time at the office. To effectively manage this, organisations are turning cubicles and desks into common workspaces which can be reserved for a specific day.

For such a situation, a visitor management system with a desk booking feature is the one that organizations need to better manage a hybrid working model. This article will discuss a visitor management system with such a feature.

DigiGreet Visitor Management System

Using the DigiGreet visitor management system, employees can reserve a desk for themselves for a given day. It is the same feature that allows employees to book the room for meetings or other things. The same system and the feature can be used for booking desks as well, thereby allowing organizations to better manage hybrid working.

In the future workspaces, offering such a feature to employees is going to be integral in ensuring their safety, as they will know if there are any free spaces available on a given day for them to visit and work from the office. Additionally, when they book the desk before coming to the office also ensures minimal movement after arrival. For organizations, this will result in better management of social distancing norms as and when they implement a hybrid working model.

With DigiGreet, organizations also get a bunch of other features such as pre-registration, GDPR compliance, and Covid-19 questionnaire, among several other things. Moreover, the system also provides features for scanning Covid passes, badge printing, and contractor management.

For most organizations, hybrid working is the future in the post-pandemic era. It is therefore crucial for organizations to provide their employees with the right set of tools that can offer them much-needed peace of mind and security. To know more about the efficient system, get in touch with DigiGreet today.

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