How is your cyber security looking?

Are you Cyber safe?

You may remember earlier this year EBay was hacked and as a consequence everybody rushed to change their passwords. How can such a mega company allow hackers to make such a prominent attack? I guess it is the big cheeses that are most attractive to hackers and the most tempting to break. To find out more about how this issue effects SME’s, OFEC recently attended a FSB event about Cyber Security, looking at what companies could be doing to be Cyber safe.

It was interesting to hear the government are keen to ensure as many SME’s, early stage start up’s and entrepreneurs are checking they are cyber safe as part of their Cyber Security Strategy. They are keen the UK builds a ‘trusted and resilient digital environment’. For this reason they are backing this strategy by releasing a grant to help companies to audit their cyber security. Check it out to see if you can apply for this grant. It’s called the Innovation Vouchers for Cyber Security.

Cyber Security