How Do You Say Unmanned Reception

What is the term for an empty reception area? Maybe a reception with no receptionist? Or is it an unmanned reception? Both terms do not fit when it comes to saying it in a gender-neutral way. A few of the terms from the gender-neutral point of view could be auto-attendant reception, un-staffed reception.

Do these make any sense?

Well, they still do not fit the context of saying the term in a gender-neutral way. So, what is that one term which can define the situation in a gender-neutral way? Suggestions are more than welcome.

Okay, so as you keep stressing your brain to find the right answer, we will discuss how you can safeguard your business with an unmanned reception.

DigiGreet Visitor Management System

What could be more awkward for any visitor or contractor than getting greeted by an empty front desk? Nothing right? In such cases, they are often left wondering what their next step should be.

If this is the experience for your visitors, then it is not the right one. For creating long-lasting impressions on your visitors, contractors, and clients, it is pertinent to start from zero. Thus, there is no better place to create the best first impression than at your business’s reception area.

Even if the front desk is empty and no one is there to greet the visitors, creating an unmanned reception scenario, the DigiGreet Visitor Management System offers your visitors and contractors a seamless check-in experience. Some of its best features include the following.


1. Pre-registration

Using the DigiGreet visitor management system, both contractors and visitors can pre-register themselves before arriving at the premises. Just send them the link for pre-registration and they will receive a faster check-in experience at the time of arrival. The pre-registration link can also include hints and instructions which will help them serve better when they arrive.

2. Give out site permits

The permit feature is another excellent functionality of the DigiGreet system. Using it, businesses can hand out permits for contractors, which, therefore, increases the security of the overall business premises and the personnel inside the facility. It is because no one other than valid permit holders can access the facility.

3. Visitor badges

To provide a long-lasting visitor experience, businesses can use the system to offer personalised visitor badges at the time of arrival. The badge offered to the visitor can include their name, business logo, photo, and other personal details of the visitor. The system prints the badges and cuts automatically, therefore, making it very easy to use.

4. Staff calling

Businesses can also link the system with phones to allow visitors to speak to their host after they are signed in. In case the number is not reached, the system also offers a secondary number. Moreover, the system can also show personalised messages to visitors. Staff also have their portal, therefore, allowing them to keep the information up to date.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are several great features offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system. But we are still not very clear on how to say unmanned reception. Maybe “Really Relaxed Reception”? If you have suggestions, do let us know.

Unmanned Reception