How Closely Will Your Visitor Management System Fit Your Needs?

There is only one chance to make the right impression. Of course, this is an old saying but it is still true with everyone you meet, also for the visitors who come to your office.

Everyone has expectations, even the visitors coming to your office, and it is completely up to you to satisfy those expectations. One of the simplest ways of doing this is by using a modern-day visitor management system that can enhance the overall visitor experience. How closely does your visitor management system fits your requirements?

This article will discuss an efficient, full of features DigiGreet visitor management system and how it can fulfill all your needs.

DigiGreet Visitor Management System

Regardless of the size of the organization, the DigiGreet visitor management system is the perfect fit for any business. The visitor management system offered by DigiGreet provides businesses with everything from badge printing to pre-registration, integration with Paxton door management, automated email alerts for staff when the visitor arrives on-site, and everything else in between, including GDPR compliance and the ability to verify covid pass, which CQC-registered care homes have to check in accordance with the Covid pass mandate.

Entry requirements of people are often health and safety-related, this could be either asking questions and saving the answers or just offering some information. The visitor management system from DigiGreet has no specific limit on this section, which is termed as security questions, wherein each one can have images, formatted text, and even videos, thereby allowing you to present the information or questions just the way you want while storing the answer with the visitor management tool. Moreover, with the system, you can also store expiry dates. Therefore, if you only want to show an individual the evacuation/ Fire drill plan just once a year, the DigiGreet system allows you to do that. If you need to ask a specific question on each visit, DigiGreet is there. If you are wanting to tell them the latest product is ready, the system helps you to do that as well.

All these features along with the contractor and document management portal allow you to offer a seamless experience to the visitors. Moreover, to ensure that DigiGreet becomes a one-stop solution for every business across the industry, DigiGreet releases frequent updates with new features and functionalities.

Customization-Based on Recommendations

DigiGreet is already a feature-rich solution that provides you with everything that you need to offer a seamless visitor experience; however, DigiGreet can also offer customisable changes on a chargeable basis but if you can wait, we can add a particular feature to the developer list, for the next version update.

In the end, everything is about offering the visitors the experience they deserve, and DigiGreet works hand-in-hand with the customers to ensure that is happening.

Final Thoughts

DigiGreet is one of the most competitively priced visitor management systems with pricing starting at £5 per month. Regardless of your needs, DigiGreet will certainly meet the expectations that you have from the visitor management system. If you need added features, DigiGreet will work around the clock to provide you with all those features. If you think you need to ask a few questions to see if the visitor management system is a fit for your needs, we also offer a free personal walk-through online. So, to know more about the system get in touch with us today.

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