Evacuation System for Business and Schools Evacuation Plans

For any business, including schools, evacuation planning is one of the crucial activities. The planning ensures that all of the required measures are in place to ensure the safety and security of everyone inside the premises.

It is the one critical element that businesses need to have right during unforeseen events. While a lot of brainstorming is required for efficient evacuation management, having the right tools can make the job a bit simpler.

This article will discuss an efficient tool that can help both businesses as well as schools to effectively build an evacuation plan.

DigiGreet Visitor Management System for Better Evacuation Management

The visitor management system offered by DigiGreet  is not only for providing a seamless visitor experience. It serves a lot of different use cases. The feature-rich solution ensures that businesses, as well as schools, have access to the features which can make evacuation management simpler.

The visitor management system offered by DigiGreet is equipped with features for evacuation management and fire drills. The system accurately tells who is stuck inside the premises or building when any unforeseen event takes place. This ensures that the evacuation team has all the required information to conduct a smooth operation. Thereby, ensuring that everyone is brought to safety as soon as possible.

Notably, the visitor management system provided by DigiGreet provides businesses with information on meeting rooms. The system allows employees to book rooms for meetings, therefore, when someone uses the feature, the information of everyone including the attendees is there on the evacuation page. Such information makes it easier for the evacuation team to know who is where and whether someone needs the help.

Final Thoughts

There are several amazing features to access when you install the DigiGreet visitor management system for both businesses as well as schools. The evacuation management functionality is one such great feature offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system.

It is not just a feature-rich solution. It is also one of the most cost-effective systems that you can get your hands on for efficient management of visitors, security, and safety of everyone inside the business premises. Notably, the prices of the visitor management system offered by DigiGreet starts for as low as £5. The actual prices might differ based on your exact requirements. If you are looking for a sophisticated evacuation management tool, DigiGreet is your one-stop solution. Get in touch today and know more about the feature-rich, cost-efficient solution.