DigiGreet vs Envoy Visitor Management System

For organisations across industry verticals, a digital visitor management system has become a key consideration. Securing the office premises for visitors, employees, and contractors is the key element for any business.

As the demand for the visitor management system is growing, organisations are looking for the best option. But the availability of various options makes it much more difficult for them to choose the right one.

This article will compare the DigiGreet visitor management system with the Envoy visitor management system in a detailed manner, thereby making the choice much easier for you.

DigiGreet vs Envoy Visitor Management System

Envoy Visitor Management System

Envoy visitor management system is a modern-day tool used by businesses to run their workplace safely and smoothly. The system is a great fit for businesses of any size, and also offers support in different languages including English, Swedish, Italian, German, Russian, Hindi, and Chinese among several others.

It is a cloud-based system that has a great list of features to offer for businesses. Some of the most features offered by the system include self-registration, visitor tracking, pre-registration, alert notifications, watch list, and office directory among several others. Of course, when it offers so many features it is not bound to be cost-efficient. But it does offer various pricing tiers.

There are four pricing tiers including a free one. The Basic Plan comes for free but has a limited set of features. On the other hand, the Standard Plan costs $99 per location per month, the Premium Plan costs $299 per location per month, and the Enterprise Plan, you will have to get in touch with their sales team.

DigiGreet Visitor Management System

The DigiGreet visitor management system also provides you with a similar set of feature offerings, but it has a greater emphasis on schools and manufacturers. Moreover, it is also one of the most cost-efficient solutions that you will find available at present. Whatever may be the size of your business, the system has great features to offer, thereby allowing you to secure your premises, while creating the best visitor experience.

Some of its most notable features include contactless sign-in, visitor badges, pre-registration, GDPR compliance, visitor tracking, document management, zones, contractor management, and many more. The tool is available at different pricing tiers based on your requirements and the number of staff in your organisation.

For any business having 1 to 10 staff members, there are three pricing tiers. The Lite Plan is available for £5 per month, the Pro Plan is available for £8 per month, and the Enterprise Plan is available for £15 per month.

The DigiGreet visitor management system as well as the Envoy visitor management system provides you with a feature-rich solution. But when it comes to pricing, the DigiGreet solution is much more affordable in comparison and also provides you with all the features that you need. By knowing all of these factors and information, making the choice between the two systems should be easier now for you.