Covid Pass Verification Guide for Care Homes

In the United Kingdom, the Government announced the covid pass legislation making it necessary for CQC-registered care homes to conduct covid pass verification before allowing visitors, staff, and contractors inside the facility. Using the DigiGreet visitor management system, care homes can conduct a seamless, automated verification process using the innovative covid pass verification feature.

This article will discuss a step-by-step guide for care homes to conduct the covid pass verification using the DigiGreet visitor management system.

Covid Pass Verification Guide for Care Homes

The DigiGreet covid pass verification feature provides care homes with the ability to seamlessly carry out covid pass checks, thereby improving the safety of everyone inside the facility. Following is the step-by-step guide for care homes to check NHS covid pass.

1. Visitors or contractors arriving at the care home are asked to scan their NHS covid pass, which can be either on the NHS app or a paper-based pass.

2. The DigiGreet visitor management system then conducts an automated check by scanning the validity of the covid pass using the camera.

3.  After the scan is completed, the DigiGreet visitor management system stores the details of the covid pass, including the expiry date.

4. The efficient visitor management system will not ask for the same details again until the covid pass expires, after which it will go through the same process.

Because the entire covid pass verification process is automated, it saves a lot of time and resources for care home providers. The saved time can be used to do other important tasks which can result in potential cost-benefits. Additionally, the system also ensures that the entire process is error-free. Notably, the DigiGreet visitor management system is the first and only solution to provide care homes with the ability to check and verify covid passes seamlessly without any errors.

Innovative Features at Competitive Pricing

When it comes to innovative features such as the one offered by DigiGreet, people start to think that it might be expensive. However, with DigiGreet, the opposite is true. The system is one of most cost-efficient, where the prices start for as low as £5 per month for businesses with 1 – 10 staff. If you need access to more features, the cost increases a bit.

Final Thoughts

Manual covid pass checks are time-consuming and tedious to do. The possibility of human error also makes the manual process cumbersome. With an efficient and automated solution as the one offered by DigiGreet, care homes save a lot of time, money, and resources, while eliminating the possibility of errors. Get in touch with DigiGreet today, to know more about the features it has to offer.

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