Sitting on a gold mine?

Is your school cashing in on it’s assests?

This month OFEC were delighted to be featured in an article in Independent Leader (previously Independent Executive) which is a magazine aimed at fee-paying indepedent Schools. The article Going for Gold looked at the how schools can open their facilties to the wider community to create an extra revenue stream. One school earned over £75k per a year from hiring out their school!

Edward our MD said it is important to make sure the school’s compliant with health and safety regulations and to make sure the insurance covers you to hire out facilities.

The top tips from the article sum up keys points to consider:

  • Get your pricing structure right checking out local competition
  • Remember to communicate regularly with the sports department, timetable manager, maintainence and cleaning staff so they know what is happening
  • Don’t comprise the safety of children if you are a boarding school so make sure house staff know the facilities are being hired out and when.

advert in Indepedent Leader on OFEC theatre Bookating system

OFEC were pleased to have an advert featured in the magazine for our Bookating – a facilities management system.

Let’s see if we have what response we get – fingers crossed the queries will be plenty! Want to know more about Bookating for facilities management?

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