What is Foundations of Small Business (FSB) Connect?

Foundations of Small Business (FSB) Connect

As OFEC are proud members of the FSB, I heard about FSB’s new scheme called FSB Connect, which is all about getting younger people connected in business while giving them the support they need.


I went along to their first event in Reading on the 1st March at Zero Degrees to discuss business, over pizza and beer. Sounded good to me and it didn’t disappoint even though I don’t run my own business which was the main target audience for the evening it was well worth going, a nice relaxed evening of networking and was thought provoking to say the least. Highly recommended.

On this Occasion the special guest was Ben Towers, 17-year-old who runs 3 business and currently featuring in the kid’s version of Dragons Den, Pocket Money Pitch on CBBC. That’s some inspiration for you.


Are you a young entrepreneur or starting out in business? Or maybe thinking about it in the future, get connected and turn up to their next event. They are running events every 6 weeks switching from Reading and Milton Keynes.


If you are worried it’s all a bit formal don’t worry its different from your usual networking event.

You can find the list of dates here


Happy networking!

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