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Hybrid Working  Check How Many People Are in The Office

Hybrid Working Check How Many People Are in The Office

1 Feb '2022 by Ed

When the global pandemic subsides, organisations around the world are expected to implement a hybrid working model. It is going to become the new normal in 2022.

Employees will no longer be expected to report every day to the office. There are some of the companies which have already started implementing the hybrid working model in their workplace. But for employees, security is still the priority and they want to know what the businesses are doing to ensure their security in times of Covid-19.

It is for this reason, businesses are required to invest in digital tools which allow employees to get information on the number of people working inside the office on a given day. Notably, a visitor management system can provide employees with such information. This article will discuss one such visitor management system for businesses to better manage hybrid working models.

DigiGreet Visitor Management System

The efficient and modern-day visitor management system from DigiGreet allows remote workers with a page where they can check the number of employees currently present in the office. This will allow them to decide on whether they should visit the office premises or should continue working from home.

This feature is crucial for an organisation to provide to their employees, as it allows them to manage their exposure to Covid-19, thereby improving the overall hybrid working model for the organisation. Along with this, the DigiGreet visitor management system also provides employees and organisations with a host of other features such as contactless signing-in, pre-registration, badge printing, Covid-19 questionnaire, desk booking, and several others.

All of these features are very crucial for the organisation looking to implement the hybrid working model at their workplace.

Cost-efficient Solution

Of course, the DigiGreet visitor management system is one of the most feature-rich solutions that you will find available at present. But at the same time, it is also one of the most cost-efficient visitor management systems. Available for both schools and businesses, the visitor management system can be availed for as low as £5 per month.

Final Thoughts

For most businesses across industries, a hybrid working model is a future, and businesses are required to adapt to the new normal. Employees are going to be an integral part to make the hybrid working model successful. Thus, it is up to the organisations to provide their employees with the right set of tools. DigiGreet is one of the best solutions that can provide organisations and employees with all that they need in times of hybrid working. To know more about the efficient solution, get in touch with DigiGreet today.