As you probably know, DigiGreet can ask visitors and contractors questions and save their answers for later reference. For example have you washed your hands on arrival to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

It also allow us to show contractors and visitors key information, such as inductions, in this way you know you are doing all you can to inform people, check they have understood, and done your best to make sure that they will comply with the information your have given them, such as where the hand sanitiser points are and the correct protocols for their visit.

DigiGreet also allows you to know the following information, which, should you need to carry out track and trace for your business, will be essential:

  • when a contractor  or visitor arrived precisely
  • who they came with
  • who they saw (their Host)
  • who else arrived at a around the same time so would have been in reception with them!

Are you a pub or restaurant?