Does your pub or club need a track and trace app?

DigiGreet is quick and easy, all you need to do is scan a QR code or type in a short URL into the browser on your phone, there’s nothing to install.

Like Amazon, DigiGreet works in your browser, so your smart phone is  all you need for our pub track and trace to work. But that’s not all, not only does it do track and trace, you canalso  ask questions and get feedback from your customers.

You might not want to ask customers some questions, that’s fine, if you just want track and trace, this is how it works.

1.  Print the QR code from your admin panel and put it where people arrive to scan (or they can enter a short url)

2.  They then type their name, number, email (optional) and the number of people in their group (optional)

3.  Do you have to have 3 easy steps? DigiGreet has 2! Bonus…

That’s all you need for Track and Trace but of course you can ask for other information such as Company, Postcode and you also have up to three custom fields where you can ask anything you want.

On top on this, if you do want your track and trace app to ask questions, that’s fine, you can ask as many as you like. These can be simple Covid 19 questions such as do you have Covid 19 symptoms or more involved questions where you show a video or a diagram to help explain or inform your visitors. These might include a video or diagram on how your one way system works…


Track and trace is just the part of what DigiGreet can do.,If you want something really simple, that’s fine, ready to go but it’s worth knowing that you can manage contractor documents, such as permits to work, you can show contractors an induction so they are clear on your rules and you can ensure you cover health and safety to make your environment a safe place to work. You can split visitors into groups for marketing and you can ask them to scan out when they leave so you’re clear who is in your building (of course you can sign them out yourselves if you’d prefer not to ask them to do that).

The DigiGreet Visitor Management system covers your basic pub track and trace requirement, but it also allows you to fully manage contractors, visitors and staff. From £5pcm why not try our online demo, just ask us to set this up and we’ll talk you through the system and how it can work for you.