Easy Membership Management

Increase automation

We focus on membership websites because we love the concept of profiling and personalisation  to really improve what you are able to offer members. We love saving time spent on menial office work which can and should be automated, it’s better for you AND better for the member. Lastly, we love people, all their differences and challenges and the work we do to improve the interaction with people changes lives. Maybe we are getting a bit carried away but we really do make a difference.


  • All the functionality you need to run a membership business on one single platform
  • Less time performing routine admin tasks
  • More time to provide a better service to increase your membership uptake and satisfaction

Cost Reductions

  • Improved use of resources, instead of manual admin processes
  • A focus on value added activity without increasing the admin wage bill
  • No long term contract
  • No limit on the number of members
  • Return on investment can in many cases be under 18 months

Processes & automation

What: Developing tools which automate your menial office tasks such as invoicing and event management.

Why: The more time we can save you the better you will be able to serve the members. Automating tasks removes human error and ensure jobs are done on time, every time.