Automation on Membership Websites

One of the key benefits to using a proper system designed for membership websites is Automation. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean you can sit back and do nothing at all, but it does mean that the team’s efforts are focussed more effectively on providing the member benefits that will lead to more, happy members.

Automation can be divided into 2 core areas:

  1. Routine Tasks
  2. Member Profiling / Information Management

Routine Tasks

By looking at your business processes you can quickly realise that a number of the activities the team carries out are routine, process driven tasks. Clear examples of this are things like member renewals, course invoicing, event confirmation and joining details. All of these activities, while peronal to the individual, are not hand crafted each time and can therefore be created once and set up so they are processed automatically.

For example, when you create a course, you can define the parameters such as price, payment terms, confirmation email, joining instructions, reminder etc when you add the course to the system. Once done you can “set and forget” and know that all delegates will receive the right information at the right time without further input from the team.

This not only improves efficiency, it improves quality and consistency, you are 100% sure that all delegetes received their details at the right time.

Member Profiling/Information Management

One of the key benefits you provide is information and while all members are interested in the information you provide, they are not necessarily interested in ALL the information ALL of the time. With an ideal membershipship system, your time is focussed on writing and getting the content and knowledge, not diseminating that knowledge to the right people at the right time, mainly because that’s impossible.

Well, it’s not impossible with the right membership system because you allow the members to self profile, let them define what they want and when by giving them easy ways to manage the information they receive.

There are a number of ways of doing this and we are happy to discuss them with you at any time.

Time & Experience

What: We spend time understanding your organisation’s benefits and stress points.

Why: Our role to to help you increase members and decrease workload!

Processes & automation

What: Developing tools which automate your menial office tasks such as invoicing and event management.

Why: The more time we can save you the better you will be able to serve the members. Automating tasks removes human error and ensure jobs are done on time, every time.