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Here are some great examples of our membership management systems ranging from sites such as to and   

These sites are all built around a database of services to members to offer a very wide range of options such as invoicing, renewals, subscriptions, events and newsletters.

These Associations use our membership management system as their loveable workhorse to get all their membership management tasks finished efficently. Go and have a look at each of them to see how they differ and what the system does for them:

NASBM (National Association of School Business Management)

Home page for National Association of School business management
The NASBM needed a complete re-branding to reposition the Association. With the new creation and implementation of a completely new membership management system to organise their busy members database they found they had more time on their hands to engage with members. The modules they found most useful was online voting, membership renewals, invoice reminders, conference bookings, training events and newsletters.
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Membership site SafeQuarry

Run by the Mineral Products Association, SafeQuarry's members are predominantly safety specialists inside corporate organisations, however, many other stake holders use the site from senior management to quarry staff, all with different levels of engagement. The alert process is core to the site which includes a bulk mail system, reporting, and incident submission and review...
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European Society of Gene & Cell Therapy


The European society uses most of our tools, their annual congress is particularly important as they need it to run smoothly and efficiently for all members. As a scientific conference they use our abstract management system which handles everything from the submission of abstracts by the authors (scientists) to the review of the abstracts by their piers...
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To be the best in the World. It's a big scary hairy goal but it wouldn't be a goal if it wasn't scary and our system is amazing.

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