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Smart Membership Management Systems

Are you tired of using Excel and other systems as a workhorse to manage all your membership related activities?
If you are looking for a UK-based Association Management Company with a tried and tested membership management system we are what you are looking for.

We can give you a powerful, responsive, purpose-built membership management system for associations and societies for 200+ professional, fee paying members. This platform will give you the control you need to manage your operations in one place so you can deal with all your admin tasks with ease, making you more efficient and effective.

Watch your Association grow

The knock-on effect means an improvement in the quality of the service to members which could lead to gaining more memberships and happier members.

By using our automated Membership Management Systems you can focus valuable staff resources to where it’s needed, rather than spending wasted time on routine tasks using a single, easy to use system.

We work with all of the following:

  • Associations

  • Communities

  • Societies

  • Trade Associations

  • Regulatory Bodies

  • Not-for-profit organisations

  • Sports - Gymnastics


Great user functionality

UOur easy-to-use membership management systems is run on the principle of self service as it automates the admin tasks, reducing the time it takes to handle operations, which leads to more time to manage operations, therefore increasing your membership uptake and satisfaction. What's not to like??

Do you need a gymnastics club membership system?

Then have a look at what we created for Abingdon Gymnastics Club and Erewash Gymnastics Club.

Focus on Objectives

KPI's targets results

RWhether you are focusing on growing your membership base, looking for automated Membership Management Systems or improving member engagement, we ensure your objectives are clear, targeted and focused by auditing what you already have. You will then be able to have a clear picture of where you are heading using our membership management systems and the management reporting system.

Easy Membership Management

One system for all activities

F We will give you a one-system membership management systems for multiple administrators. You cherry pick what features you want for your unique Association and as time goes by you can add more as you grow organically. We are about long term solutions. Is this a wise investment? We find the typical ROI is most commonly less than 18 months.
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Showcase client

National Association of School Business Managers

screen shot of home page for national association of school business managers

We have a long standing relationship with the National Association of School Business Management, an organisation whose purpose it is to advance effective leadership and membership management that benefits the whole learning community, and which also understands some of the challenges educational institutions face.

As an Association Management Company (AMC) call us at OFEC to find out more about how our membership management systems could help you to be more efficient, effective and save costs 01865 556070

Membership Case Studies

Fabulous system for antiques cash management

If you sell antiques in a warehouse with other concessions then this system can help you to manage the purchases each day with ease.

Each concession can see what was sold

Have a look at the beauty of our antiques centre accounting system

Our Dream

CTo be the best in the World. It's a big scary hairy goal but it wouldn't be a goal if it wasn't scary and our system is amazing.

OFEC is not a purely technical firm that doesn't understand business but a melting pot of marketers, designers, brand consultants and a good dose of common sense. We seek to bring out the best in our clients which in turn brings out the best in us. This is how we like to work, with pride, trust, smiles and profitable solutions to manage and grow.

If you want to discuss how we can change your Association or Organsation to improve membership services,  or have a demo of our membership management systems why not call Anita on 01865 556070

The best way to understand how we can help is to call!

Call us on 01865 55 60 70 for a chat or to arrange a face to face
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