Split Testing on Websites

We have integrated split testing into our CMS to make split testing simple and easy, no excuses!


What is Split Testing

In the context of a website, Split Testing is basically when you create multiple styles of a single page which you display at random to see which one is best at acheiving your goal.


For example, lets say your goal was to sign up to a newsletter, you could try making the sign up button bigger, changing it's colour, changing the headline, using less text, using more text, removing the other images in the text which might be distracting, moving it to the top, moving it to the bottom etc etc.


How does it work

You can clone any page, you can also change the page template, in this way you can duplicate any page really easily, any number of times. Having duplicated the page you make your tweaks and then there's a little bit of code which you are given which you paste into a space on the page et voila.