Multi-lingual websites

The web is a global platform for marketing your business – but how welcoming is your website to foreign visitors? You may need a multi-lingual website to talk across the globe.

It’s easy to forget that your English website, while it may be great for communicating with your home market, can also be a complete turnoff for other potential customers, who may be only a short distance away across the English Channel. A French or German visitor may find your website, but they will always choose a rival supplier in their own language – and you lose the business, so why not have a multi language website?

Think we’re exaggerating? What would you do, faced with a website in French, and one in English? And, if you’ve ever used Google or similar online translation services, you’ll know they are only useful for the most basic of translations, and often provide unclear information. You cannot rely on automatic translation to provide a professional image for your business, in another language, so move to a multi lingual website and talk to more customers.

So, if you think you may be missing out on business from a foreign market, how can you solve the problem? Well, creating pages in another language is straightforward, and OFEC has lots of experience developing multilingual websites for clients. Easy for visitors to find, they can be accessed from a home page flag, or from specially registered website addresses with localised endings.

How does it Work

Well, we need to talk this one through with you but be assured, it's easy. In fact, we even provide a single admin system to access the sites in any language and, even better, we handle all your assets centrally (D.A.O. - Digital Asset Optimisation). So all images, white papers, downloads, videos, adverts, calls to action etc that might be relevant to any sites are easily accessible.

Need a welcoming multilingual website in French, or a website in German, Spanish, or even Mandarin? Come to think of it, any language! Then call OFEC today about multi lingual websites on 01865 556070 – it will be simpler than you thought.